Weather is changing all the time. Two of the biggest drivers of yield are temperature and moisture. Using SST Summit and Sirrus, FarmTech can offer field level precipitation reports in near real time. This is very useful in planning future nitrogen applications and estimating yield goals. Never before have we had such detailed data on a field level available at your fingertips.
Weather Screen Shot
SST Summit can run precipitation reports by field and compare to the previous year.  The table above shows precipitation by in 2016 and 2017 during the growing season in Montana.  This can be used to adjust yield goals throughout the season and help drive nitrogen management.

This graph just looks at the average rainfall over a far and graphs it.  This is a good tool to visually see how the current period compares to a year ago. 

FarmTech offers field level historic weather data, but can also equip your sprayer with a real time weather station.  This is a marine style sensor that mounts on the roof of the sprayer and can give real time weather in the cab.  The weather is also recorded in the job report for easy recording.  Some government programs require you to have this type of sensor on the sprayer.