FarmTech’s mission is to help farmers increase profits and protect their natural resources. We use soil, crop, and weather data to direct top-of-the-line machine control that increases production while reducing inputs. FarmTech offers cutting-edge products, full service customer support, and the only RTK network in Montana.

Data Analysis & Planning

• Historical Data
• Yield Maps
• Zone Maps
• Nutrient Recs
• Product Recs

Seeding & Planting

• Variable Rate N-P-K Application
• Variable Rate Seeding
• Auto Section Control (ASC)
• Auto Row Control


• Collect Yield Data
• Collect Quality Data
• Reduced inputs and
increased yields = Bigger Margins!


• Crop Scouting
• Real-time Nitrogen-sensing
•Leveraging Weather Data

Current Facebook Post

FarmTech will be presenting "Farming from outer space" at the MSU extensión cropping seminar in Choteau at 11:00 am on January 12, at the Stage Stop Inn. Have a few slides. Demo a few web applications. Show a few videos and have the TopCon Sirius Professional UAV on display. Hope to see you there!