FarmTech’s mission is to help farmers increase profits and protect their natural resources. We use soil, crop, and weather data to direct top-of-the-line machine control that increases production while reducing inputs. FarmTech offers cutting-edge products, full service customer support, and the only RTK network in Montana.

Data Analysis & Planning

• Historical Data
• Yield Maps
• Zone Maps
• Nutrient Recs
• Product Recs

Seeding & Planting

• Variable Rate N-P-K Application
• Variable Rate Seeding
• Auto Section Control (ASC)
• Auto Row Control


• Collect Yield Data
• Collect Quality Data
• Reduced inputs and
increased yields = Bigger Margins!


• Crop Scouting
• Real-time Nitrogen-sensing
•Leveraging Weather Data

Current Facebook Post

Found a new use for off season GPS. Been logging autonomous GPS with great success. Tracking GPS and GLONASS, typically 15 or more total satellites even along tall trees. UHF RTK installation on Wednesday with hopes of providing sub inch accuracy to the machine. This will allow us to do 2 things very well. 1. Steer the machine to within an inch (straight or curve), repeatably in any weather. This is huge because most grooming is done in the dark with lights. Ever driven in a snow storm with your brights on? Now multiply that by about 4 and try to keep from driving in to an obstacle or off a cliff. 2. Create daily snow depth maps. This gives the mountain a very good idea of how snow pack is changing over time, to within an inch of accuracy. This also alerts management of problem areas that may need snow added or removed to create a better ride for the users. More to come for sure. We hope to report back with good news, otherwise it was sure fun trying!! If the corduroy looks laser straight on Saturday, it just might be!! Merry Christmas!