Topcon Crop Specs are the industry leading on the go nitrogen sensor.  Two sensors are cab mounted for the largest scanning footprint in the industry.  The Crop Specs can be operated day or night and have their own laser light source, harnessing Red and Red-Edge reflectance.  Red-Edge is high sensitive to chlorophyll, the energy factories of the plant.

Calibration is quick and easy with one pass through the field.  4 modes of use are available.  On/Off, One point plus slope, Two point and Target rate.  All have their uses but the most popular is Target rate.  Input a couple parameters and go.

The sensors scan the crop in real time and generate a rate of product based on user input.  As the applicator goes across the field, the rate of nitrogen is varied according to crop need, in real time.

Savings of 10-30% in fertilizer can be expected along with a yield and quality increase.


ON SALE NOW!  $15,500