All imagery products are compatible with SST Summit and Sirrus mobile



FarmTech can bring the latest in powerful UAV (drone) analytics to crop analysis on your farm. Using the Sirius Pro fixed wing UAV equipped with the MicaSense RedEdge camera FarmTech can capture hundreds of acres of high resolution multispectral imaging that can be used to get a jump start on crop scouting, or use the imagery to develop variable rate prescriptions for nutrient or pesticide application.

FarmTech staff includes licensed UAV pilots experienced in gathering imagery for both cropland and rangeland. Contact us to discuss whether our UAV and imagery services are appropriate for your precision agriculture needs.


FarmTech has experience working with a variety of satellite imagery sources, from  tried-and-true (and free) LandSat images, to the latest in higher resolution sources. We can process this imagery for a variety of applications including in-season crop scouting, historical comparison, and even variable rate prescription generation. Give us a call to determine what kind of imagery and processing is appropriate for your a needs and let us put the power of imagery and SST Summit to work.


When you need real-time crop imaging for the most adaptive farm management possible, you need Topcon CropSpecs. CropSpecs are always scanning and always on.  Every time the machine crosses the field you get a calibrated map.  Works in daylight or dark.  Largest scanning footprint in the industry.  Can easily turn on Variable rate and do everything in one pass.  It is basically a satellite and a GIS system that is ready to go to work when you are!