Once the vehicle is automated, its time to automate the implement.  FarmTech has any solution you need to control sprayers, seeders and spreaders. 

There are many options in the Topcon line to control implements.  Topcon’s suite of implement hardware makes it easy to make any implement efficient and smart.  FarmTech has kits and experience working with seeders, planters, sprayers and spreaders. 


  1.  Product Control and Mapping
  2. Variable Rate
  3. Boom Section Individual Nozzle control
  4. Boom Height Control
  5. Crop Spec real time nitrogen sensing


  1.  Product Control and mapping
  2. Variable rate
  3. Sectional Control
  4. Seed Counting
  5. Down Pressure
  6. Implement Folding
  7. Blockage
  8. Dynamic calibration with onboard scales


  1. Product Control and mapping
  2. Variable Rate
  3. Sectional Control
  4. Dynamic on the go calibration with onboard scales