Modern farm machinery generates a wide array of data that can be used to save your operation money and increase yields. That data is also often personal and private and  FarmTech is here to help you keep it that way. FarmTech’s CEO is also a farmer who understands why you want to have control of your data. FarmTech uses state of the art, confidential, cloud-based data storage and security systems. We help you use your data, but we don’t share it with other persons, corporations or government entities.The security and confidentiality of your data is our highest priority and it is the bedrock of our relationship with FarmTech customers.
Farm data stored on your console or on a thumb drive is not working to improve your bottom line, and is at risk of being lost forever. FarmTech can work with you to store that data safely and securely, no matter the format, on our hard drives and in the cloud. With access to your data we can quickly generate soil sampling recommendation, prescriptions for variable rate application, and detailed farm reports. Data each of your consoles and all of your fields is easy to see and act on from Agx from SST, which is avaible on your PC, tablet, or mobile device.