Maximizing efficiency starts with the tractor, or vehicle.  FarmTech provides Topcon GPS hardware for all vehicle automation.  FarmTech can install autosteer on anything, from a 1973 John Deere 7520 to a brand new steer ready any color model.  FarmTech can also steer pickups and trucks, we can control just about any vehicle with a steering system.

With cutting edge software on the Topcon X35 console, FarmTech can make your vehicles steer repeatably within half of an inch, steer off an existing boundary, auto turn on the ends and report all the information being collected from the vehicle and implement is sent to the cloud.  Other new features are peer to peer communication in the field and remote support from any mobile device. 

There is no need to buy a brand new tractor to get the best autosteer and vehicle automation on the market.  FarmTech can turn any model equipment into a high precision steering piece of machinery.