Crops can tell us a wide variety of information, both in real time and historic.  In season data like crop specs, satellite imagery, drone imagery, scouting, etc, are all in season data sets that could be used for real time management as well as for a historic approach to data. 

Yield maps are an end of year report card of everything that happened throughout the growing season and possibly before. Yield maps are still the best dataset overall but require several years of good data before trends can be confidently calculated. 

Below are some examples of in season crop spec data, year-end yield map and a scouting report.  Notice how the patterns on both maps are very similar.  FarmTech has the ability to do long term analysis using historic data to generate zones or can also aid in doing in-season real time application of pesticides and inputs using some sort of sensor platform.  With FarmTech Confidential Data Storage we can handle all of your data safely and securely, and have all the information needed to generate your nutrient prescriptions as you need them.

Yield Map
Scouting Page